Into The Glorious

Patience is not my best attribute. When I want something, or I want to do something, I want it yesterday. That includes when Mike and I were dating and I was waiting for a proposal. It includes when we decided to move to Houston and had to wait on Mike's company to get their act together. It also includes the kinds of everyday struggles (like potty training!) that all parents have to deal with. I have no patience for that sort of thing.

But there have been many many times I've been forced to wait on things. Times when I would pray and pray hard for the Lord to make things happen but He didn't...at least not yet. I know well and good that things happen in the Lord's timing and there is no changing that so I try to "wait well" but I usually fail.

It's in these times that instead of just wanting Jesus Himself, I am wanting what He can do for me. That's all kinds of messed up faith. So when I think about it, I try to refocus my desire on Him and not the thing I'm waiting for. More of you, Jesus.

When I first heard Christy Nockels' new song, Waiting Here For You, it grabbed me and shook me up a bit. Such a beautiful song that speaks of wanting the presence of God, waiting in a posture of worship. We have even sung it in church a number of times because it is perfect for worship.

Christy Nockels sings with a gorgeous voice that I only wish I had. She is by far and away my favorite Christian female vocalist and has been for years. Her new album, Into the Glorious, releases today in stores and on iTunes and Amazon. It includes the beautiful song Waiting Here For You as well as her new hit single Ever Lifting, which I keep finding myself singing in the middle of Target while I'm picking up groceries. I swear. It's super catchy.

Into the Glorious is a worship album fully focused on the glory of the Lord, which does my soul good. I highly recommend you pick it up today and put it on heavy rotation while you drive around running errands and picking up kids. It really is great for keeping me in the right frame of mind as I go through the mundane, waiting.

You can also check Christy out on Facebook and Twitter too...cool, huh?

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Into the Glorious for review and compensated, but my words and opinions are totally true and original, I promise. 

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