Wordless Wednesday: Baby Edition

Guess who's coming to visit me today? My sister has a conference to attend here in Houston this week, so I get to babysit the happiest baby in the world.

Emma Grace with her favorite aunt.

We took this at the airport just as they left.
Oh and since I hardly believe in just one photo for Wordless Wednesday, here's a few more.

My kids and her kids.
Her older siblings are staying home with Dad this trip.

Also my mom and her husband are coming later this week too. They're staying through Spring Break to do lots of fun things with the boys. 

Not convinced that Miss Emma Grace is the happiest baby in the world? Watch this.


Sarah Hubbell said...

What fun! (and what a sweet little face!) Hope your time with her is wonderful!
Happy ifellowship!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Aww, she is a cutie!
Have fun!

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