Fashion Friday! My Expanding Wardrobe

You may remember that one of my top ten reasons for eating healthier was to make better use of all the clothes in my gigantic closet that I couldn't fit. Well I'm happy to tell you that so far I'm down ten pounds and I have no idea how many inches, but it's a lot. It's definitely one full jeans size. So not only has eating healthier helped me lose weight, but all the running, core work and yoga have also toned me up a bit which also makes clothes fit better.

I still have a way to go in my plan till I reach my goal, but the key is that I have a plan with incremental, achievable goals and I'm implementing it. This all kind of sounds like bragging to me and I don't want it to...I want you to know what's possible and what a huge difference even a very small goal like ten pounds can make in how you look and feel. Here's a post from January for comparison purposes. You may not be able to see the difference in these photos, but I assure you it's a whole size difference. 

January 22

January 24

January 29

February 5
February 12

As a reward for hitting my first of many health milestones in 2012, I headed to Target for the debut of the designer collaboration with Jason Wu. The were out of all but a size 16 in the one dress I truly loved and I'm very happy to know that a dress that size would look like a giant burlap sack on me these days. I did find this simple white shirt with a stylish silk tie that I snatched up as my prize. 

I look forward to hopefully posting more updates on my shrinking size/expanding wardrobe project. If you have questions about where any of the clothes I'm wearing come from, hit me up in the comments and I"ll be happy to share! 


Sarah Hubbell said...

I can definitely tell a difference, and you look great!!! The pants outfit is HAWT! :-)

Sarah Hubbell said...

Thanks girl! It's so funny about that outfit. Those pants are my absolute faves, Michael Kors that I found at TJ Maxx once. They are the most flattering thing I own and have a bit of stretch in them so they did fit me even a bit bigger but now are borderline too big at the waist. The sweater is one I bought at Target 2 months ago and almost took back because I thought it was too tight and not flattering. After the past few weeks of work...it's perfect! 

Sarah Hubbell said...

Hm, just realized there were two pants outfits and now I'm not sure which one you meant!!! The other are some black jeans I found on super sale at Old Navy...they have a much wider flare at the bottom than I'm used to but I think it works. The top was also super sale at Macy's...python with clear sequins for lots of sparkle! 

Sarah Hubbell said...

I can see a difference. Next time I see you, there won't be anything left! You go, girl. 

Sarah Hubbell said...

Well done! You look great, and more importantly, you probably feel great! 

Sarah Hubbell said...

You look so chic!
Mary, MI

Sarah Hubbell said...

Love the Feb. 5 outfit!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Turquoise looks amazing on you lady!

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