Awesome T-shirts I Would Love to Wear

Down here in Texas a cute t-shirt with jeans and boots is perfectly normal attire for a soccer mom like me. Even better if you have cowboy boots or a sparkly belt and earrings to dress it up! While t-shirts are still totally casual I do think they are a step up from my gym clothes, which I tend to wear a lot only because I spend a lot of time at the gym.

I have become very selective about my t-shirts over the years but here are a few that I found that I would gladly wear.

First up we have some classic Geek Chic. Yes, I'm a stickler for good grammar. There are occasions in my writing I will purposely ignore certain rules of grammar (like not starting a sentence with And) but they are not by mistake.

Available at etsy, found via Pinterest.
Then there is this whole genre of Texan wear that can get a little obnoxious but we Texans can't help the fact that we live in the best country...er...I mean state.
Available at  t-shirtguru.com, found via Pinterest
Along those same lines is this cute shirt I found that expresses exactly how I feel. Houston gets a bad rap a lot, but I love it here. Bonus! Sales of this shirt benefit Spacetaker, an awesome local arts organization.

Available here, found via Pinterest
Then of course I have to feature at least one running/workout shirt, right? This looks too cute to actually exercise in though! 
Not sure where to buy it, but found via Pinterest
And finally here's a tshirt that is actually a little less casual and a little more pretty. I do love gray shirts.

Unfortunately I can't find a source to buy this shirt either, but it was found on Polyvore. I think it implied you could make this with a big tshirt but I don't sew. If somebody figures out where to buy it let me know in the comments!


Sarah Hubbell said...

Love the Texas and Houston shirts- there's not many people that love on Houston, but I am proud to do so!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Great picks! I love grey shirts, too, and it can be tough to make it special, but that last shirt is PERFECT!

Sarah Hubbell said...

love those!

Sarah Hubbell said...

That shirt would be SO perfect for my Houston gal pal! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

Sarah Hubbell said...

I tried to track down the pattern so I could try to make it..turns out its not made from an old t-shirt..


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