10 Things I Think While I'm Running

So even though I've been running for more than a year now and I'm consistently doing around 3 miles every run, I'd still consider myself a new runner. Why? Because I still spend most of my run thinking about my run. There are very brief occasions when my mind wanders and I can ponder something more interesting but especially right now while I'm in race training I am very focused on the mechanics and feelings of running.

I read an article recently that talked about how our brains work better when we think less. In turn our bodies work more efficiently when we we can do certain physical maneuvers instinctively instead of consciously. This is true for things like martial arts and football. Yes you have to train mentally first to be able to get to the place where your body moves correctly without thinking, but once you get there you move even better.

I'm not there yet with my running  but I believe I will be someday. I know people that are able to solve all kinds of problems in their heads when they run. Friends speak about creative inspiration hitting while they run. Certainly it's a stress reliever, even for me.

So here are ten things that go through my head, I swear, every single time I run. Every time. All these things. Some are kind of hilarious even to me. Some are really stupid and should be banished from my head.

1. "What's that twinge in my leg? Stop that. You are not gonna get injured, stupid knee/hamstring/IT band/foot."

2. "This is gonna make me feel so awesome when I'm done. So why doesn't it feel awesome right now?"

3. "I wonder if I'm hydrated enough? Maybe that's why I'm dragging."

4. "Darn it I have to pee. Apparently peeing three times before I left wasn't enough."

5. "Breathe slower. Big breath in through the nose...man why are my nostrils so tiny and narrow?"

6. "I love this song! Let's see if it's the right rhythm for my pace. This song is just a tiny bit slower than I recall. Or maybe I'm faster now...yeah, that's it!"

7. "Wonder if anyone I know drives by while I'm running. Probably not."

8. "This is getting hard, my legs are getting heavy. Remember, I'm running for the glory of God and the rescue of orphans. Keep going." (this is my mantra)

9. "I feel awesome like I could go forever. Don't slow me down you stupid traffic lights or cars pulling out."

10. "Am I done yet? Ouch. (Insert lame excuse here.) Think I'll cut this a bit short today. Next run I'll do more."

Sometimes I do cut it short, sometimes I don't. But I'm always thinking about the next run.

Can you relate to any of these? 

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Sarah Hubbell said...

Sometimes I don't think at all and go audio book or podcast. The Social Pros podcast over at Convince and Convert (http://www.convinceandconvert.com/) is quite good. You can check out audio books from Cinco Ranch Library (and possible your local library) for free.

Sarah Hubbell said...

Oooh yeah I think a podcast would be good, I actually used a Couch to 5k podcast when I first started running last year. It had music but verbal instruction as well. Right now I'm too dependent on verbal interval prompts but maybe when I'm just running and not concerned about speed I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestion, that podcast does sound interesting. 

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