Fashion Friday: Winter Color

When it's really cold in the middle of January it can be tempting to dress a little bit like the weather, that is gray and dreary. I know I gravitate toward black and gray in the winter because here in Houston we really can not wear black in the summer. At all. It's rather limiting actually.

But I believe in color. Lots of it. I think that especially in the winter a bright pop of color can help bring cheer to yourself and those around you. I mean doesn't how you dress heavily influence how you feel? I know it does for me.

So here are a few bold and not so bold ways I used color in the past week. My favorite outfit last week was this bright pink sweater I got at the Gap a couple years ago but never wore. I finally took the tags off it and paired it with my nice dark rinse jeans from LOFT and when it was time to head outside I grabbed this adorable reversible vest I got at Target. It's chocolate on one side and pink on the other. I finished off this look with my favorite silver shoes from Nine West, my new pewter bag from Coach and some cute silver jewelry. I felt cute in this for sure.

Scarves are a really great way to add color to your basic neutral winter wardrobe. It's hard to tell in this photo but this scarf is pale pink and shimmery. I also wore a pale pink with black trim top from LOFT under this thin, fitted cardigan from Talbots, and my LOFT jeggings (because curvy girls can wear jeggings too!). The gray boots were dirt cheap at Old Navy and got many compliments at church on Sunday, including one from a four year old boy in my Sunday School class who sat on my lap and played with the buckles during storytime.

This third outfit, I have decided, is less than flattering. I love the color of the top but maybe it's the print or maybe it's the bagginess of the pants that just don't work. They were comfortable for sure but a more fitted thigh certainly would look better. I got that purple necklace and matching earrings from my sister for Christmas (from Charming Charlies) and the comfy brown shoes by Naturlizer were shown in a previous shopping video of mine. This goes to show that you can always add bright color to your wardrobe with your jewelry!

So tell me, how do YOU add color to your wardrobe when it's so cold and gray outside?


Sarah Hubbell said...

I rely on scarves a lot - they give me a pop of color, but i can still stick to my basic classics!

Sarah Hubbell said...

LOVE that blouse! I've been trying to do more patterns to add some pop to my outfits in the winter. I wear patterns all summer, but for winter I never think of it!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Oh I forgot to mention, that blouse is Jones New York from Macy's. Got it last year I think on some end of season sale. 

Sarah Hubbell said...

Yeah I just started collecting scarves about a year ago and now I have a ton because they are so useful! I got a great pumkin one for $5 at Target on Black Friday!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Love adding color to outfits - especially in the winter. I normally go the scarf route myself. I'm loving that first outfit of yours!

Sarah Hubbell said...

I'm coveting that pink sweater!  Great way to incorporate color.  And um, I rock my leggings and jeggings daily!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Love that scarf! Pretty colors always perk up my winter! Thanks for linking up to Monday Mingle!

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