Thankful Photography Thursday

Columbus Sharks-0852 by Mainline Mom
Columbus Sharks-0852, a photo by Mainline Mom on Flickr.
Today I'm thankful for light. Specifically the kind of golden sunlight found a few minutes before the sun sets. The kind that creates amazing hairline rim light seen in this photograph.

I also love photography. I love my camera (a Nikon D90) and this lens in particular, a 50 mm, and the way I can intentionally create that sunflare you see here. Sunflare is a fun and romantic feature.

I love four year old boys too. Watching them play soccer is great fun. Except when it's 100 degrees. Oh, and except when it's bitter cold with 20 mph wind blowing on my ears and making them HURT like they did at soccer practice tonight.

Here's a short clip of Alex's team scrimmaging against a team of 5 year old girls. So cute!

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