Friday Thankfulness

2011 YP Reception-0698 by Mainline Mom
2011 YP Reception-0698, a photo by Mainline Mom on Flickr.
I almost didn't get this post up today because my internet has not been working very well, but I am determined not to let a day slip by in November without posting and without expressing gratitude. I'm a little bummed that this is another Friday without a Fashion Friday post, but that would have required much faster internet than I have right now.

So how about this...the dress I'm wearing in this photo is new from Ann Taylor LOFT. It's a kneelength faux wrap dress with a crossover top that I have pinned at the V to keep slightly more modest. What you can't see here is my stupid walking boot for my broken foot that I wore and the sparkly flip flop on the other foot.

These lovely people are all the newest employees of my company (except the gal on the end, she's married to one of the guys). The three in the middle were all hired very recently. All of them are tremendously talented and super great to work with. This was taken at the Young Professionals reception I hosted in Los Angeles, which is why a couple of us have drinks in our hands. It's also probably 10:30 at night.

So the point is this: I'm very very grateful for my job, my company and the people I work with. It's almost staggering for me to see how much we've grown since it was just Wayne, Dick and I working from our homes in 2004. If you look way back to the beginning of this blog there are brief mentions about starting our company, but I couldn't say much because of a pending lawsuit. It was hard, let me tell you. There were days I definitely didn't think we'd make it. I prayed furiously and very specifically and I saw very direct answers to prayer with regard to certain projects and investments. So right now I'm hugely thankful for the position we are in during this crazy bad economy.

You could say I'm extremely lucky. But you'd be wrong. Luck has nothing to do with it. I don't even believe talent or hard work have a lot to do with it, though we are a talented bunch who have worked our asses off. I see sustaining divine providence in our business for the past seven plus years. And for that I'm grateful.

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