30 Days of Gratitude

Pumpkins 2011-0765 by Mainline Mom
Pumpkins 2011-0765, a photo by Mainline Mom on Flickr.
It's November! I do love this month, especially since I moved to Texas. It is quite lovely here in November, not cold and gray and wet like it was up north. I love that November brings the heart of the college football season, especially since my team, Penn State, is 8-1 and leading the Big 10.

I love that it brings my birthday and most of all, Thanksgiving. As I mentioned in a previous post I have discovered that gratitude is completely and totally linked to joy. So I've decided that I am going to attempt to post every single day here on something I am grateful for. It may be a small thing or a big thing, or even many things! We'll see if I can keep it up.

So today I'm grateful for autumn. I love me some pumpkins! I love how much my kids love pumpkins. We don't have colorful fallen leaves to play around in so pumpkins are pretty much it for reminders of harvest season.

This past weekend I carved one great big pumpkin into a sort of Angry Bird. People loved it last night as they came to my door trick-or-treating. I just love the COLOR of pumpkins. I have quite a few tops and sweaters that color, but I recently decided I would like a handbag and a scarf in pumpkin orange as well. So I'm on the lookout for those.

Speaking of shopping, I also love November because it brings...BLACK FRIDAY! Yes I do like staking out the sale and the store map and standing in line outside Target at 3am. Then standing in line at the register for what seems like forever. I try not to play into the commercialization of Christmas too much but for me shopping is all about the hunt and Black Friday is like opening day of buck season. I get it all out of my system on that morning and I'm pretty much done with shopping in stores or malls until after Christmas.

So bring it on, November! I am grateful for this month.

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