Welcome Our Own Little Hurricane Baby, Emma Grace

Emma Grace Cobb, hurricane baby.
So first the good news! On Friday afternoon my sister, Victoria, had her third little one, Emma Grace, at a hospital in Richmond, VA. I'm thrilled to have yet another niece to love on. Mama and baby were both great which is a good thing because Hurricane Irene kind of stole the show in Richmond this weekend, blowing down trees and knocking out power everywhere, including the hospital. Thank goodness for backup generators.

My mom and her husband drove through the night to beat the storm and stay with her other kids. The storm was so bad in Richmond that my brother-in-law got stuck at the hospital overnight with my sister while my mom dealt with two freaked out grandchildren who apparently aren't used to sleeping in the dark (no power at their house either.)

Of course then Hurricane Irene progressed north and pounded both of my mom's empty houses in Philadelphia and at the beach. It appears that the brunt of the storm damage was actually farther inland than expected and the house in Bethany Beach is fine while the house in Philly lost several trees and power. Funny how that happens.

Then there are my grandparents on the south shore of Boston, who despite my warnings did not seem to take the storm threat very seriously. Irene passed well to the west of them but it was enough to knock a tree down across their front walk carrying some power lines with it. The downed lines didn't knock out the power though, and when I spoke to my granddad he didn't want to report the downed line because he was afraid the power company would simply come and turn off the power to their house. He's a smart guy but sometimes he makes stupid decisions like that. I decided to call and report the dangerous fallen wire myself.

My goofy grandparents still attempted to go to church Sunday morning, but found it locked. Duh. Even I knew that every church service on the entire east coast had already been cancelled.

Well, as of this morning my sister's family still has no power but I contend that newborns don't care and don't need power for any real reason.

At least it's not 109 degrees there like it is here in Houston. No that's not the heat index. Ugh.

So how was YOUR weekend? 


Sarah Hubbell said...

Congrats Auntie Sarah! She is beautiful and will always have a story to tell of her birth!

Sarah Hubbell said...

Thanks Kristi! What's funny is she has dark hair, while her sister has platinum blonde hair and her brother has bright red hair. But they all have the same face! 

Sarah Hubbell said...

Congrats on the baby, she's a cutie! My dad showed up at our Church after Ike and was ticked when no one else was there. Of course not, dad. Nobody else was dumb enough to try to drive around after a major storm (his house also got hit with Katrina when he was stationed in Biloxi, so he's kind of blase about the whole thing now)!

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