Smurf The Earth? Yep!

My family loves McDonalds. They are everywhere and we count on them when we're traveling. We rely on McDonalds a fair amount at home too when life gets a little crazy and the kids often request we go there when we're celebrating something with them like a birthday or a great report card.

This summer our visits to the golden arches got a bit more frequent due to two things:

  1.  Mike being in class and missing family dinner four nights a week
  2. The McDonalds Smurf promotion.

We started seeing TV commercials for The Smurfs movie and for McDonalds with Smurfs in them and the kids became pretty interested. So one Saturday when Mike was in class all day I decided to take the kids to see the movie. We all LOVED it. Mike and I told the kids about how we used to love watching The Smurfs as kids on Saturday mornings. They were hooked.

So we got a couple of Smurf toys in their Happy Meals and they played with them constantly. Nathan's first and favorite Smurf was Brainy, which is highly apropos. Brainy Smurf took baths with Nathan and even sat next to his bed at night. Alex got Handy Smurf and the boys had an awful lot of imaginative play with the toys for awhile. So we started collecting the Happy Meal toys, but they never seemed to have Smurfette (my favorite...naturally!).

Then my friends at McDonalds were kind enough to send me an entire set of the Smurfs toys for my kiddos. Yay! Seriously aren't they adorable?! Thank you so much, McDonalds.

Here's another cool piece of info...now thru August 25, 2011, McDonald’s has teamed with national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful to plant up to 100,000 trees in needed or devastated areas within national forests across the country. If you choose Apple Dippers as your Happy Meal side item, the package includes a code that is the key to planting a tree when entered on HappyMeal.com.

Along with 16 different Smurf toys to collect, the Happy Meals are accompanied by an exciting interactive online game – Stage M, that features new Smurf’d content focused on sustainability to motivate and encourage kids to be a friend of the planet, and to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

So yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. Plus I just love those little Smurfs!

Tell me...who was YOUR favorite Smurf character? 

The awesome people at McDonalds were kind enough to send me a set of Smurf toys but I received no other compensation and my opinions are my own. Of course!


Sarah Hubbell said...

OMWord...no one told me about these!!! I don't do McDonalds (except drive thru Ice Coffee). When I was little my brother had all of these that were made at that time. My dad built him a shadow box that each piece fit in. (I had all the Strawberry Shortcakes figuines...we still have most of them.) My dad worked/es for UPS long hours and many times these were the "treat" we would find in his lunch box when he got home at the end of a long day...my Dad's special way of "saying" I love you. My dad wasn't a very verbal or expressive guy, grandkids has improved this...some.

Sarah Hubbell said...

Oh that's such a cool story! Thanks for sharing :)

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