New Music Tuesday: Forlorn Hope Releases Debut CD

So I guess today has been a long time coming for my friends in the band, Forlorn Hope. Their debut album, Hope for the Hopeless, dropped today. It's available in physical form here and digitally via iTunes. If you want it and aren't sure, get the physical copy since my photography is all over it ;)

But seriously, you should get this album. I'm not just saying that because the guys in the band are my friends. (Though they are like brothers now.) I'm not just saying it because they used my photos. I'm not even just saying it because their mission with this music, to bring justice to the oppressed in this world, aligns with mine...although that does have a lot to do with it.

I've been listening to the CD in my car for the past few weeks and it's good. I find myself cranking up the volume and singing along, a sure sign of good rock and roll music. As much as I enjoy the CD, I think the band is a hundred times better live. Perhaps that's true of most music because I certainly love concerts.

So Friday night Forlorn Hope had a CD release party here in Katy. The venue was super cool, it was a local church but the room was awesome and not at all churchy, plus there was a game room perfect for all the kids we brought with us.
  FH CD Release-0092

Singer/songwriter Chuck Harris opened for the band and did a great job telling his story through familiar covers and original songs. I almost died laughing when my husband jumped right in singing along to Bon Jovi with Chuck. I don't think anybody else there (except me of course) knew Mike could sing.

Then Forlorn Hope proceeded to rock out. The mix and acoustics were perfect and I have to admit I LOVED seeing the cover of the CD projected behind the band while they played. The cover was John's idea, shot by me and with they band logo superimposed over it.

Side note...the funniest thing we saw ALL night was a local square dancing club having a dance in a different room at the same time as the concert...complete with the most elaborate and hilarious outfits I have EVER seen.

The second funniest thing all night was my four year old, Alex, dancing up and down the aisles during the concert. Not sure where he got his moves but he plays a mean air guitar, does a little air drumming, and even threw down some breakdancing right up front. Catch it on video here and here and here. People that were at the show are still talking about it.

Of course I took lots of photos at the show, and some video too. The lights were cool but very low and made it really hard to get decent images. Surprisingly the video from my phone is ok while the audio from my camera is completely blown out. I'm always learning and video is definitely fun to play with. You can check out all the video on my YouTube channel and all the photos in this Flickr set. 

Go on, buy the CD. The links above are not affiliate links and I get nothing from you buying it, but you get good music and advance the cause of giving Hope to the Hopeless.

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