Four Year Old Thinking is Awesome

In an effort to retrieve a small toy, Alex climbed behind the television, going in one side and coming out the other.

Alex: "Mom, I went all the way across!"

Me: "Yep, only you can do that because you are so small."

Alex: "Only 4 year olds can do that."

Me: "So do you like being 4?" (Last night he told me he wanted to be a grown-up. So he could go to work
with Daddy.)

Alex: "Yes I like being 4. But I would like being 1000." (1000 is his favorite number lately.)

Me: "Oh honey, nobody is 1000. Nobody lives to be 1000."

Alex: "Yes huh! Yes they do! Isn't Great-grandmom and Great-granddad almost 1000?"


Sarah Hubbell said...

Thanks. My blogging has been really slacking lately so I decided relaying something short that made me laugh would be better than writing nothing and might get the ball rolling again. 

Sarah Hubbell said...

that is awesome

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