First Grade is Gonna Rock

With each passing year I see my firstborn growing into his unique little personhood. He grows physically like a weed, sure, but I cherish the development of his imagination and ability to articulate his thoughts and feelings even more.

Yesterday was the first day of first grade for Nathan. He was totally ready for it and not the least intimidated. At least, that's how he appeared to me, but knowing that he's an introvert I'm sure there is a lot more going on in his head than he says. He was very excited to be going into a new class with many familiar faces from last year, most specifically his best friend, Daniel. Daniel and Nathan even attended YMCA summer camp together so their bond is strong. They are a little funny to watch because Nathan appears to be twice the size of Daniel and looks a whole lot older.

Usually getting Nathan to express himself verbally is like pulling teeth, but I prepared him that I would want to hear about everything that happened that day. So two steps off the bus he told me what a great day he had and how he liked his teacher. He shared all kinds of feelings with me...I could see the excitement bubbling up from within. I know this won't last long so I will soak it up as much as possible. Soon enough my Nathan will come home worn out and hungry and the only answers I get will be "Fine" and "I don't remember."

How was the first day of school in your house? 


Sarah Hubbell said...

We had a great day, too! The kids teachers are very sweet and seem to be a good fit for the kids personalities ... I'm anxious to hear about "day 2" :)

Sarah Hubbell said...

Great! I heard Piper and Brandon are in the same class :)

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