Review of the New iPhone App, Cube Dog

As you probably know if you're a regular reader I very recently switched from a Blackberry to the Verizon iPhone4. One of the main reasons I switched was the ability to make use of the extensive number of iPhone apps available in the iTunes app store. So far my favorite apps are social media and camera apps, but I was recently given the opportunity to review a unique new game called Cube Dog.

Cube Dog is reminiscent of a video game I got decades ago that allowed you to adopt a virtual pet, name it and take care of it. After than came the big Webkinz craze which I never knew much about since my kids were too young to care. Now my boys, at 3 and 6, are video game masters. Their dad has showed them how to play Angry Birds on his iPhone, so I figured I'd check out Cube Dog and let them play around with it.

What a fun game this is! We are big dog fans in the first place and my boys have vivid imaginations. I started with my 3 year old one afternoon while I was killing time enjoying a latte at my local coffee shop. Cube Dog is remarkably easy to download and get started with, creating up to three different and completely unique dogs to play with. With colorful and striking 3D graphics you can custom make your dog with different bodies, heads, eyes, ears and faces. Not to mention colors and names, my son's favorite part.

After we created three dogs together, so easy and fun a 3 year old can do it, he named them Pepper (our real dog), Cocoa (no idea where that came from), and Alex (his name). Then you can pet them, tickle them, spin them around...all kinds of things. They react differently each time depending on your finger motions on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Then there are also buttons for specific tricks that your pet can do, which are downright hilarious.

Except for the one where the Cube Dog breaks out his iPhone and makes a phonecall. I have to say, when I had the volume cranked and my Alex was playing with it, all of the sudden I heard the loud sound of a phone speed dialing someone. I had a heart attack and flipped out, pouncing on the phone and hollering with everyone in the coffee shop watching. I seriously thought he had accidentally called someone. Turns out it was just the game making that sound. Then when I was driving somewhere and my older child was playing with it in the backseat I heard the sound again and AGAIN I flipped out, thinking it was dialing. I swear to you I have heard it now four times and each time it is quite startling.

The best trick is the Cube Dog ninja, who is adept with flying stars and nun-chucks. You can purchase extra parts and tricks for your Cube Dog within the app, but we haven't done that yet.

Check out this introductory video.

You should know that Cube Dog is going to be running a fun contest on their Facebook page between June 13-17th! Just head over there and "Like" the page to see details.

While Cube Dog provided me with the app to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Cube Dog, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.


Sarah Hubbell said...

We did buy one of the extra animation packs, for $2.99 (which is way more than I usually pay for ANY app, by the way). My 3yo loves it, though, and has been having a ton of fun with the app. Sometimes $2.99 can go a long way! :)

Sarah Hubbell said...

Oh that's good to know! Yeah my boys are having so much fun with it that I'm thinking I will probably buy the extras app too. 

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