Don't Forget to Vote for the YMCA!

Today is the last day for you to log onto Facebook, click over to the Houston Cadillac Dealers page and vote for the YMCA of Greater Houston to win $50,000!!!!!  Every vote counts, you don't have to register, and it's super easy.

Right now my 6 year old son is experiencing his first day at the YMCA's summer daycamp, Camp Cinco. On Friday we went to an open house there and took a little tour to see what he would be experiencing this summer.

First of all, it's amazing that this camp exists in the middle of the suburbs. It's convenient but remote, a wooded world of its own! One turn off a busy road I travel every day and down a long driveway that eventually turned into a long dirt and gravel path led me right into the big campground.

I was blown away by the energy and attitudes of all the counselors there. They were doing little cheers as we drove up and ran to the car to greet us. Much to our surprise, Nathan's best friend from school pulled in at the same time as we did, so he will have his best buddy there with him all summer too. A counselor took us on a tour of the rock wall and ropes course (scary stuff that I hope Nathan will try and help build his confidence). Then we hit the archery area where Nathan got help in learning how to let an arrow fly. We met some ladies from a local doctor's office who told us about nutritious lunches and snacks to pack for camp. Then we saw the ranch house where they will play board game, read books, and do arts and crafts.

I'm positive it will be a big growing experience for my Nathan, but from everything I saw and heard I am confident he is in great hands with the YMCA of Greater Houston!

So go vote for them now!

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