Why Instagram is My New Addiction

My boys playing Angry Birds together
When I got my new Verizon iPhone a few months ago I expected to maybe enjoy playing Words With Friends. I knew from friends that if I downloaded Angry Birds I could get sucked in. What I never expected was to find a new social network I would love so much, almost as much as I love Twitter. And if you know me, you KNOW I love me some Twitter.

As a photographer I was thrilled to upgrade from a Blackberry to an iPhone4 with it's really awesome camera. The first apps I looked for were camera apps, so I downloaded Chase Jarvis' Best Camera and Instagram. It was super fun being able to snap pics with my phone, apply fun filters that made them look even cooler, and send them out to Twitter and Facebook instantly. But what I didn't realize was Instagram is so much more. Here are ten reasons I am now totally addicted to Instagram.

1. Instagram is a NEW social network. Sure I can connect to my existing networks this way but what I'm finding is sometimes it's more fun just getting to know a smaller group of people exclusively by way of my phone.

2. I love that it's a much more select group of visually inclined, early adopters. I love that we can have short conversations around an image.

3. I'm connecting with people I know a little bit through Twitter or blogging, but not very well because I usually miss a lot of their tweets.
The lovely Alli Worthington

4. I'm connecting with people I don't know! Just like through Twitter I get new followers that for unknown reasons are interested in my Instagram feed. It makes me curious and I can immediately check them out.

5. Instagram is so simple I can send a photo with comment on the fly. I can snap a shot and send it sometimes without the people I'm in front of even knowing it. I can do it in the car at a stop light.

Gorgeous color in a flash, with commentary.

6. It lets me capture moments in my kids lives a little more intentionally. I don't always have my DSLR with me, and even when I do I have no way of making a note or comment about what's going on. In a way this is like scrapbooking.

7. Snapping photos of yummy food I'm eating tends to help me appreciate them more. Being fully conscious and appreciative of what you eat is one way to avoid over-eating.

Making chicken fajitas!

8. Likewise it helps me be observant of the often unnoticed beauty around me. I'm more likely to see and appreciate detail and texture when I have someone to share it with visually. Anything that helps me live more intentionally is a win in my book.

9. Public API means lots more apps are springing up that interface with Instagram and make it even more useful. One I like is called Inkstagram, which allows me to view my Instagram photos and comments on my laptop via web browser. Another one that seems like it could be cool is Instaprint, which prints Instagrams tagged with a particular location, comments at all.

10. Did I mention it's fun? Too bad you need to have an iPhone to use it. Score one for Apple.

So if you have an iPhone, what's YOUR favorite app?

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Mainline Mom said...

truly, Instagram is the only jealousy I have for the iPhone. Otherwise, I love my Droid X!

Mainline Mom said...

Yeah, I was curious about whether or not it was available for Droid, but found out it was not. Hopefully they will expand someday.

Mainline Mom said...

I've been curious about Instagram and looked at it briefly, but I love the Hipstamatic App. :) It isn't quite as 'networked' as Instagram, but it's a heck of a lot of fun.

Mainline Mom said...

Oh yeah, I like the Hipstamatic app too, but I looooove the small and exclusive social network on Instagram. I love having a feed of nothing be photos.

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