Fashion Friday! A Kids Shopping Haul Video

So last weekend I went to the mall to return some stuff. Isn't that how it always begins? Actually I was going mainly for Old Navy's $1 flip flop sale. I LOVE me some Old Navy flip flops.

These days we are super budget conscious, especially when it comes to clothes and food. Not because we have to be, but because we want to have more money leftover at the end of the month to save for fun stuff like a new car, pay down our mortgage, and we want to give away more.

Anywho...all that is tough to remember when I'm bombarded by retail overload. That's what the mall is like for me, especially when I haven't been there in more than a month. Especially when end of season summer sales are in full effect. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

So I really DID get some amazing deals. Let's just hope I can stay out of the mall next month.

Where's your favorite place to get kids' pajamas?


Mainline Mom said...

NICE HAUL!!! the deals are insane right now, aren't they?

Mainline Mom said...

They ARE! It's great if you really need stuff, but if you're like me and don't it's just SO TEMPTING to overspend :)

Mainline Mom said...

LOVE me some Carter's PJ's!! Great haul!


Mainline Mom said...

love the deals you got!

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