Use Foursquare to Get Awesome Deals

Several times this week I have had conversations with people about social media including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Some of my friends are starting to buy into the concept of Twitter, but I keep hearing over and over again "Why would anyone use Foursquare?"

1. Well for starters, any and all competition is fun. While it's not a big deal to me, it's kind of fun trying to oust someone as the Mayor of your favorite coffee shop. For awhile my friend Kami and I had a friendly battle over the Mayorship of our local Panera Bread. Getting awarded fun badges is kind of cool too, Foursquare can be very creative with these. I happen to find the "Player Please" badge amusing, which you get when you check in to a location with three members of the opposite sex.

2. Seeing where my friends hang out can be cool. I have routinely discovered new restaurants right here in Katy because someone I know checked in there. If I had never heard of it or knew very little about it, I might ask them if it's good and then try it out for myself. I like learning about which gyms my friends belong to and even what churches people I know go to. Not something I might think to ask of someone I don't talk to every day.

3. The best reason for me to use Foursquare is the Specials! When you check into an area it will show you how many specials are available at that location or even at other places in the vicinity. Here are a few examples that I like:

  • Free chips and salsa at Chili's just for checking in. 
  • Check in with three other friends and you get any appetizer free at Chili's! 
  • Free fountain drink at the refreshment counter of my local Honda dealer for checking in. 
  • $10 off any lab test of $49 or more at a local medical lab. That's a great savings!
  • $25 off your tax prep at Jackson Hewitt. 
  • 25% off your lunch every third check-in at a local wine bar and grill. 
  • One free large beverage once a week at Java Joe's. 
  • Five free 4x6 prints at our local Ritz Camera for checking in. 
  • 20% off a purchase with your first check-in at Radio Shack. 10% each time after that. 20% for the Mayor.
I've also seen flash specials, valid only for one day, at Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles and H&M. With such a ridiculously easy way of scoring deals and freebies, why NOT use it? You can keep your location totally private if you're worried about security. 

So that's why Foursquare works for me


Mainline Mom said...

Good morning! I have to admit that I have never heard of foursquare - but now I think I need to check it out :) Stopping in from ifellowship :) happy Wed!!

Mainline Mom said...

I had no idea foursquare had those benefits! Thanks!!!

Mainline Mom said...

Oh goody, I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of FourSquare.....except for the game we played in gym with the ball and the....erm...FOUR...Squares :)

Happy iFellowship!

Mainline Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by! You need a smart phone of some sort for Foursquare to be of any use, but if you have one it's fun.

Mainline Mom said...

Sure thing! They keep adding more and more specials as companies buy in to the concept.

Mainline Mom said...

It's an app for your smart phone just like Twitter or Facebook!

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