Race Day Was a Huge Success

Well all the hard work of my peeps in our 1:17 adoption ministry paid off on Saturday. Our first annual Run 4 The Children was a smashing success, with around 470 registered runners, dozens of awesome sponsors and organizational excellence. My whole group worked hard leading up to the race and the Lord most definitely blessed our day, since it was all for His glory anyway. I don't know the total amount of money raised for adoptions and orphan care yet but it was in the thousands. Since the average cost of an international adoption is somewhere around 30K, that money is vitally needed.

It was great to see so many of my friends that don't attend the Fellowship at Cinco Ranch come to participate in the run. I had friends from other churches in Alliance 14:18 there, supportive friends from Katy, and lots of families that care passionately about adoption. During packet pick-up at Luke's Locker on Friday I heard many different stories of families that had adopted through various avenues in the U.S. and from abroad. I also heard from happy adults that had been adopted themselves. Of course there were also people who just like to run and will sign up for every local race they can find. We heard from many experienced marathoners that our race was extremely professional and well done, not typical for an inaugural event at all. I certainly thought so, although it was my first ever run.

Speaking of which, I did it!! All my hard work and training for the past three months paid off with a finish time of just under 53 minutes. I had to walk part of the last mile but I finished strong and was very happy with my result. Next year I will shave a lot off that time, I promise you. In the meantime I will keep training and I'm looking at doing another 5k race in May. Meeting the goal of running this 4 mile race does not at all mean the end of my running...it's only the beginning!
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