Photography Thursday: Father/Daughter Dance

Now that the various photos from this event have been ordered, printed and delivered I think it's safe to share my thoughts and favorites from the evening. For the second year in a row on Valentine's weekend my church hosted a "Princess of My Heart" dance for dads and their little girls of all ages. I was happy to be asked to photograph the night, especially since I don't have a daughter to dress up and send off to such things. I guess the idea of the night was for fathers to demonstrate to their daughters how a gentleman should treat a lady. There were carriage rides and dancing and plenty of sweets to be had. It was fun seeing the very little ones dressed up in their princess clothes and I admit that I got a little misty when the dads were all dancing to Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella. So here are just a few of my favorite shots of the night.

So what do you think of an event like this, ever been to one or sent your daughter to one?

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