More Couch to 5k Reflections

So last week I did my first long run with no intervals, twenty minutes long. When I started on January 1st I could barely run for 90 seconds straight. So on Friday when my friend Jendi (from Simple Vlogging Tips) asked if I'd done any good vlogs recently, I was inspired to do a sort of video diary post immediately following this long run. So try to ignore how totally gross I look and how many times I say "Um" because I wanted this to be as authentic as possible.

The bottom line is this: if I can do this, YOU can do this. If you really want to and you attack it with the right plan and the right support and commit.


Mainline Mom said...

you go girl!! =)


Mainline Mom said...

Thanks Hillary!

Mainline Mom said...

Great job!! You should definitely be proud of yourself.

Mainline Mom said...

Thanks Meegs :)

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