Has Technology Mastered You?

I've been thinking and reading a lot lately about how the idea of the Christian life is to live completely surrendered to God, and how you can't serve two masters. The scripture speaks specifically about trying to serve God and money, but this also relates to anything that has you mastered. If you spend more time and attention thinking about something other than God? Yeah...it's an idol.

My son took this shot.
In my case technology is an addiction. I've admitted this before, especially when it comes to Twitter. It can be a problem for sure, when I'm spending so much time staring at my laptop or my phone that my family thinks I'm ignoring them. One habit I'm trying to break is always having my phone out when I'm at a restaurant with my family. It drives my husband nuts, and with good reason. He has every right to expect my full attention when we are out somewhere together.

So when I lost my brand new iPhone last Monday night, I got a bit upset, but I immediately knew it was a loud message about the importance I placed on it. I try to be aware of my character flaws and the things that get in the way of my relationships. Self-awareness is a big part of living life intentionally. So I prayed about it and tried not to freak out. I got it back the next day, but not without putting my regularly scheduled plans aside.

Then Friday night I was tinkering with my blog domain and suddenly encountered an error. The blog still existed, but refused to show up at the normal address, waterwatereverywhere.net. I searched and searched for help, I tweeted and begged for help, but nothing would work. I've worked hard on this blog and it's important that all the incoming links and RSS feeds still work, so the address is key. I found one potential solution, but it was basically like leaving someone at Google a message and hoping they'd get around to fixing it sooner than later. I'm not good at waiting. I got pretty anxious when it still wasn't working the next morning. (Keep in mind, I have extremely little anxiety in my life, so any worry at all bothers me.)

I knew, once again, that I was trying to control my blog and not surrendering it to the Lord. It was suddenly apparent to me how important I had made it. So I resolved to work on keeping technology in its proper place in my life and keeping the right perspective on everything. That means prioritizing my family above my social network. I know this obvious, but for some of us who have made blogging and social media a passion and even a business, it can be hard.

Obviously I found a reasonable solution to fix the blog address problem. I'll still be blogging and tweeting but hopefully I can more mindful about my screen time.


Mainline Mom said...

I think the number of people who give up online time, Twitter, facebook, etc., for things like Lent is a good indication of how most of us feel enslaved to technology. Removing yourself from it is immensely freeing.


Mainline Mom said...

I struggle with this too. I have made the conscious decision not to tweet until after my girls go to bed during the week and I now stay pretty unplugged on the weekends too. At the end of the day, my family has to be more important than my friends on twitter and facebook...

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