Fashion Friday: Spring Dresses!

The weather here in Houston has been magnificent for several weeks now and my mind is on breezy spring dresses. I don't wear a ton of dresses and I really should but those that I have are either dark and wintry or much more suited for weddings than errands. So I set off in an online quest to find a few of my favorites, and I thought I'd share them with you.

My search was harder than I thought, because I had specific things in mind. For one thing, a lot of dresses end up being not modest enough for me in the cleavage area. So may have deep V-necks or wrap across the front and when you have curves like I do that means cleavage. I realize that is sexy and feminine and figure flattering but I have a personal conviction to avoid overly cleavage revealing styles, especially in church where I would certainly want to wear my dresses.

Sheath dresses are almost universally flattering and I have a number of them. I was looking for something with more of an A-line, but this one from Kohl's caught my eye. I'm head over heels for ruffles.

But seriously, I really wanted something I can really move around in, and a short sheath does not fit that bill. This one from Tommy Hilfiger looks a little more comfortable and I love the pink paisley pattern. 

Can you say pink? Apparently I'm on a pink kick at the moment because this asymmetrical draped number caught my eye by Vera Wang for Kohl's. I'm not sure if I could pull it off or not, it looks pretty short, but I may head over to Kohl's and give it a shot. 

The cut of dress I am really looking for is exactly this one from my very favorite retailer, Boden USA. This is called the Riviera dress and looks great for the kind of every day spring wear I'm thinking of. 

So what kind of dresses do you like? Floral or solid? Short or maxi? Sheath or A-line?


Mainline Mom said...

I love that Vera Wang one! I love that she's at Kohl's now - much more affordable & cute stuff!

Mainline Mom said...

I agree, I am always drawn to her style when I see it at Kohls!

Mainline Mom said...

Have you tried something like this: http://www.camisecret.com/ ?
It might open up some dresses for you that you didn't previously feel comfy wearing.

Mainline Mom said...

Love the pretty dress from Kohl's! I'm a big fan of their sales, love solids, AND ruffles. Win/win/win!

Mainline Mom said...

I love dresses but hate my legs, so I usually go with a maxi or somthing mid length. I try so,ething new every year, but I always end up in the same thing.

Mainline Mom said...

That dress from Kohl's is devine. I love ruffle necklines like that.

Mainline Mom said...

go used/vintage. there are tons of dresses for under $1 if you go to the "right" second hand shops. we have one here that has the most lovely stuff from the US and Oz (apparently, NZ's used/donated clothes go to Oz, and Oz sends their to us) -- some of it designer and, like i said, $1.

i also found a shop that specializes in vintage shapes (even though the clothing is rather modern), and most everything is under $15. really nice. :)

Mainline Mom said...

love the Tommy dress. May be clicking on that one later today.

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