Last Week In Photos

Last week seems to have zipped by with lightning speed. That is, except for the three hour wait at the pediatricians office with Alex, who had been sick with a fever for six days. Got some antibiotics and BOOM! Better in an instant. So I'm going to recap last week with a few photos.

First up, last Friday night my friend's band, Forlorn Hope, played at a local church coffee house night. Well, half the band did anyway...acoustic style. They were great.

Forlorn Hope
Then there was this killer sunrise on Saturday morning.

Alex was still sick on Sunday so I went to church by myself while Mike stayed home and played games with him.

On Monday Alex as still sick with a high fever, so I took him to the doctor. But of course one dose of antibiotics and ibuprofen had him back to his silly old self.
This is his fake mad face. 

The kid is addicted to Candylane. I played 15 times this week.
Then there was Thursday, the day Houston's very own Snowpacolypse loomed large. Weather people were swearing up down and sideways that we would for sure have 1-3 inches of snow, starting sometime after lunch. Thankfully Nathan's school did not close early, but I was stunned when Mike's office closed at noon and sent them all home, before even a single flake had fallen. So he and Alex crashed on the couch together.

Unfortunately when we woke up Friday morning, there was no snow. Zero, zip, zilch. But a nice coating of ice on the entire city of Houston caused more than 800 accidents. Thankfully all schools were closed, as was Mike's office. So we tried to make the best of it at home as a family. 

My palm tree seems to have survived the hard freeze.

My oleander kicked the bucket.

Nathan LOVED all the ice in the yard. 
Finally we ended up the week on Saturday celebrating my Granddad's 91st birthday with dinner and cake. I feel really fortunate that we get to spend so much time and so many birthdays with my grandparents.
It was a major project lighting all those candles.


Mainline Mom said...

hi! I'm stopping over from Seeds of Faith! I enjoyed your post this morning -wonderful words to think on as we live in a me society!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mainline Mom said...

Why thank you so much!! I appreciate that.

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