Fashion Friday: How To Wear Sheer

Being fashionable and trendy does not always have to mean seeing something on a runway and then busting out the credit card to shop for it. We all know that fashion trends come and go in cycles, and sometimes if you wait long enough they reappear when you are least expecting it. See case in point...platform shoes. Never in a million years did I guess that those crazy high shoes my mom loaned me for 70's day in high school would be once again worn by every celeb and supermodel...and myself more than a decade later. Right?!

Ok back to the point. This month's In Style magazine has a feature on silky sheer blouses. Now these are specifically button down blouses but sheer fabrics in general are definitely on trend right now. Have you ever wondered if you could pull off a look like that? For real women like me with a limited budget, sometimes you just need to take the idea of a trend and put your own twist on it with what you've got.

So check out how I shopped my own closet to see what sheer tops I had and how I wear them.


Mainline Mom said...

LOVE your video - I'm always hesitant with sheer tops because I dread stuff to wear underneath since I am all-over curvy =) Do you have a favorite camisole ??


Mainline Mom said...

Thanks! The camisole I held up was one I got from Gap, it's cotton and fairly stretchy, snug but not too tight. It has a shelf bra but of course I have to wear a regular bra underneath.

Mainline Mom said...

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Mainline Mom said...

great tips! i never wear sheer, but maybe i should give it a try now!

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