Ten Reasons to Fall In Love With New Orleans

Edited to add: This was originally posted last year after a wonderful business trip in the Big Easy, but I decided to repost it today for all my awesome blogging friends in anticipation of our fabulous trip there this week for Mom 2.0 Summit

New Orleans is one of my very favorite cities. My time there last week was no different, except that I always have gone for business and have never had time to see anything outside a small area. But I did take time for a little photowalk and I did partake of at least some of the incredible food.

Which brings me to ten reasons I absolutely love New Orleans.

1. The architecture. Intricate wrought iron railings. Rooftop gardens. Beautiful hidden courtyards. And that's just the French Quarter.  I've never actually been to the Garden District, which I hear is another kind of gorgeous.

2. The music. Jazz. Zydeco. Blues. Even the cover bands that play late into the night on Bourbon Street are pretty good! Everywhere you go there is incredible live music to be heard.

3. The art. There are artists on every corner and galleries down every street. I got a chance to enjoy a street festival called Art for Art's Sake, where there were street exhibits, open galleries and of course plenty of alcohol. It was delightful.

4. The spirit. The world champion Saints were in town on Sunday and the fans were out in force. Not to mention the fact that every building and wall in the entire town was decorated with their black and gold and "Who Dat?" paraphernalia.

5. The river. The mighty Mississippi is a big part of what makes New Orleans. Strolling along the water front is such a peaceful experience. I had a room on the 24th floor of a hotel overlooking the entire bend in the river and I listened to the steamers zip up and down the river all night.

Top Ten {Tuesday}6. The cemeteries. Seriously they are cool, all the graves are above ground because the water table is too high to bury them underground.

7 - 10. The food. Amazing jambalaya. Fabulous red beans and rice with andouille sausage. Gumbo and beignets. Emeril and  Brennen and countless other world renown chefs have restaurants in the Big Easy. You can't go wrong. I would dare say...best food in the whole country.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? What am I missing?


Kathryn said...

You have to get on that St. Charles street car and ride to the Garden District. It's so amazing, the architecture, the houses that go back and back and back from the street, the grandeur...you have got to see it next time you go.

The shops in the Quarter. The antiques in New Orleans are like nowhere else.

The accents of the people, man I love to talk to people from New Orleans! I have to go there once every few years at least for work. I have a week-long conference there next September and I can't wait. I've also been there many times just for the weekend, to get away and walk around the old city. It's one of my favorite places on earth.

phd in yogurtry said...

Love New Orleans, haven't been in too many years. The architecture is beautiful, love those tall, floor to ceiling windows. One thing I'll add - the trannie bars. I saw some fabulous female impersonators while I was there, shocking the heck out of some conservative guy friends.

Penny Franklin said...

Yep! I think you've got them all here! It's nice to be able to step out any day and enjoy these! This week I've really been missing Texas. Thanks for reminding me why it's nice to live in New Orleans!

We've GOT to get together the next time you're here!

Have a great day!

sarahhubbell said...

Oh yes the antiques! I'm not a big antique shopper but I did LOVE perusing the stores. Great little boutiques. I guess I should have made shopping a whole section, only problem being last week I was on a super strict budget so I tried to avoid most shopping.

sarahhubbell said...

Yes, those floor to ceiling windows are amazing!

sarahhubbell said...

I am sad we didn't get together, but I will be back in April for Mom 2.0 Summit!!

Ed T. said...

I would have added the riverboat lunch/dinner cruises, though that could have fallen under either Item 5 or 7-10. It's been too long since I've been in the Big Easy, need to find the time to get back there some day...


Pam said...

Yes to all of those. But most especially 7-10.


Mainline Mom said...

Lived in New Orleans for two years, used it as my party place during mid 70's to late 80's, live 2 hours away now. See the New Orleans section of a blog I wrote for some Canadian visitors a few years ago. They were focused on food & music. http://cajuntravel.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-orleans.html

Mainline Mom said...

Have fun!!!!

My family is from Louisiana and I love New Orleans for all those reasons and more. Eat a beignet for me!

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