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Edited to add: Y'all know I'm a Twitter addict, right? Well I gotta say, I am loving @BackpackingDad's #HomeHer10 conference.  Nothin' but fun.

Generally I am a very content person with my life, and I strive to live by Paul's words in Philippeans 4:12

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

I have a lot of very good friends who are bloggers. That happens when you've been blogging for more than five years.  Some I knew long before we began blogging, some I met through blogging but have spent time with face to face, and some who I feel close to but haven't had the chance to hug yet.  So it's natural to want to be with them when so many of them are getting together in New York City this weekend.  Two thousand bloggers enjoying parties, panels, pampering and products together.  I am committed to being happy for them and not too envious, and I have found one way to quell my green eyed monster is to prayer for my Christian blogger friends, like Sarah, who want to let Jesus shine through them.  

So if you're hopping over from Robin's BlogHop 2010, welcome!  
A little about me.  I'm a married mom of two boys, an engineer, a photographer, and a Type B dreamer.  Probably the most important thing to me other than Jesus and my family is balance.  So I write to encourage other moms to step away from the stress and anxiety that is common in motherhood and learn to live with calm, harmony and joy.  Yes, this means saying "No" to perfectionism. No, this does not mean being lazy or having "idol hands".  

Anyhow, I encourage you to stick around if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with parenting and need some respite.   Why not subscribe


Melissa_Rae said...

Nice to meet you! I hopped over from Robin's blog. I too am attempting to fight off the BlogHer envy. I have a 7-week old (& three more at home too), so I knew blogging conferences were out of the question for me. What kind of things do you do to network with others and get advice? I've only been blogging for a year. :)

J+TMcLamb said...

Hi #88, I am #108 from the Blog Hop! :) I admire your Type B personality, and envy it. I am definitely a Type A, and hope I can learn to be more laid-back as a parent. And we have Jesus as someone in common, so that makes us sisters! :)

The Pennington Point said...

No perfectionism. Oh dear, I won't know what to do then. LOL! Love your blog. Lisa~

Amy said...

I am stopping by from the Blog Hop! I wish I had a Type B personality on so many days. My Type A has makes me crazy sometimes. So glad I found your blog!

Mainline Mom said...

Hello ladies!

Melissa_Rae well blog conferences are great. Using Twitter is a really great way to get to know bloggers better. And I recommend joining some networks, like the SITS girls for example. Very helpful!

J+TMcLAMB, hiya! Parenting with grace is something I strive for, but it's hard to do. We set expectations for our kids that are sometimes not reasonable and it's easy to freak out on them. I do it too. So glad to have Jesus in common :)

Lisa, I firmly believe perfectionism is the root of so many problems for people. So much stress that makes us unhealthy and unhappy. Thanks for the love!

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

Type B dreamer? How do you manage to blog??? ;)

Nice to meet you!

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Hello! I hopped on over from the blog hop :] I also LOVE that verse, and am always struggling to be content like Paul. Thanks for sharing. :]
Blessings! ♥ Mandy

Jane Anne said...

I love this: "step away from the stress and anxiety that is common in motherhood and learn to live with calm, harmony and joy". What a Beautiful passion for your blog.

I'm glad I stopped in. I'm bookmarking your site.

Here's my blog hop post: This Blog O’ Mine

Bobbi Janay said...

Hello, I am stopping by from the blog hop. I am also a type b personality.

Bobbey said...

Just hopped over and it's nice to meet you. I've subscribed and will be back later to read more!

Mainline Mom said...

So nice to meet everyone here! I so appreciate the feedback :)

Sistergirl said...

Just Hoppin By, Sorry I’m a little late,
I’m #255 (aka the last blog on the HOP list),
Nice to meet you!

Mainline Mom said...

Just Hoppin By, Sorry I’m a little late,
I’m #255 (aka the last blog on the HOP list),
Nice to meet you!

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