Top Ten Ways to Make Some Quick Cash

Top Ten {Tuesday} So let's say you spotted a new Coach bag in a magazine and you really really want to buy it.  Or maybe you want to upgrade to an iPhone4.  Perhaps your compassionate tween just asked you if he could go on that short-term missions trip with the church.  Or maybe, just maybe, you feel God calling you to open your heart to an orphan in need of a forever family. 

But you just don't have the cash.  Your paycheck gets spent each month on rent, food, utilities, insurance, that unexpected vet bill or getting your A/C fixed in the dead of summer.  So you could just whip out your credit card and sign on the dotted line.  But if the money isn't already in the bank to back up that signature...STOP.  Try one or more of these instead.

1. Babysit! Mention to your neighbors that you would love to babysit their kiddos so they can get a night out and you can build your Coach fund or adoption fund. 

2. Consign! Go through your closet and pull out that dress with the tags still on that you bought a year ago and still doesn't fit.  Also grab those killer stilettos that give you blisters.  Look online and find the nearest consignment shop...they are everywhere!  Some will even pay you cash on the spot for your stuff.

3. Dogwalk! Hang up a flyer on your neighborhood bulletin board and offer to watch/walk someone's dog while they're away on vacation.  It's easy!

4. Garage sale! You know you have stuff you don't need or use that someone else would love.  Books, gym equipment, furniture, home decor...get it all out there on the lawn for quick cash. 

5. Clean! Not your house, somebody else's house.  Make sure you do a good job and word will spread fast.  It's hard work, but people are more than willing to pay for it. 

6. Cut back! One quick way to make money? Cancel your cable TV.  How badly do you want that iPhone? Scale back on your cell phone plan, get rid of your landline, and quit eating out so much. 

7. Freelance! Are you good at math? Put an add on Craigslist offering your tutoring services.  Can you fix computers like nobody's business?  Same thing.  Be a translator, photographer, accountant or personal trainer...Craiglist is a great place to start advertising for free.  Your Facebook page is another place. 

8. Sell stuff! Sell your old cellphones on ebay.  Got some bigger toys your kids have outgrown? Craigslist or ebay.  I prefer Craigslist for anything that doesn't fit in an envelope.  But ya know what sells REALLY well on ebay? Infant formula coupons.  When you get pregnant they send you STACKS of these.  If you breastfeed like I did, you don't need them (hint...generic brands are a WAY better deal even if you do use formula).  I once sold a stack of formula coupons for $50...cash in my Paypal account and all it cost me was a stamp. 

9. Mow lawns!  Rake some leaves.  Clean out gutters.  People like me will always pay other people for manual labor like that.  I don't like to sweat.

10. Donate plasma! Takes about an hour of your time and nets you a quick $30-$60. 

Other ideas I missed?


Alicia said...

Wow, love the formula coupon idea. I'm visiting from TopTenTues!

Chels said...

Visiting from Top Ten Tuesday! That's a great list. I like garage sales and cut back. Most people have too much "stuff", including extras in their life.

Debra Waldo said...

Great Top Ten. Good ideas. I just sold my sons train table for $10 more than I paid for it! But, why did I feel guilty putting the money in my pocket instead of his? Hmmm... Visiting from Top Ten Tues.

oh amanda said...

I used to do plasma in college! And yeah, to the formula coupons! Not to mention the formula samples!

Mainline Mom said...

Amanda - Oh yeah I forgot about the formula samples. I actually usually run those straight over to our local crisis pregnancy center.

Debra - Um, you paid for the train table so why wouldn't you put the money in your pocket? LOL I think if kids willingly choose to sell something specific in a garage sale maybe they should get some money from it, but otherwise it's all yours.

Chels - definitely most people have extras!

Traci Michele said...

Wonderful tips! Found you over at Sarah Mae's blog!

SpitFire said...

I'm so on that list for the iPhone4 lol. Unfortunately I don't think I can do most of the things on the list...I got hopeful about plasma, and then remembered you can't give blood if you had a kiddo 3 months ago, so odds are plasmas the same. lol oh well!

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Great ideas. Reminds me that I want to try tutoring or giving piano lessons. I made hundreds selling stuff on Craig's List before our recent move.

Real Life Sarah said...

Great ideas! I love the little one "mowing" the lawn!!

MeganBacon said...

You forgot about YouData! Making some $$ for viewing ads that are relevant to you, plus you get coupons! :) You might make enough for a cup of lemonade or two...

Pammer said...

Oh the consignment shop is the NUTS! I've cleaned up and then turned around and updated my wardrobe there. A fantastic way to keep the closet under control - and fill it up seasonally. :)

Mainline Mom said...

Cut back is not making more money! Its spending less. Consignment, garage sell, and sell stuff are really just one item.

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