Deep Thinking

Yesterday was the sad day I returned the Malibu to the dealership. I did love driving that car for a month, and I had fun creating all the videos for their website. Maybe I was meant to be in marketing. I enjoyed the experience of being on TV and radio although I only heard myself on the radio once. But looking back on the past month...nothing has changed. It wasn't particularly meaningful. I met a few new people that perhaps I will consider friends from now on and that's good. But it's only a car. Just a thing. One more thing to make me feel ridiculously fortunate and wonder what I should be doing, what I need to be doing for those less fortunate.

I feel a weight of responsibility because of how the Lord has blessed me, and I'm still searching for ways to be used effectively. I know of lots of opportunties, but so far I've sat on my butt and have not taken the additional steps to be useful, other than occasionally writing a check. I know God wants more than that. I'm touched by the actions of people like Kristen who went from humble blogger to Compassion International advocate in Africa. I'm provoked by posts like this one from Ed Schipul, echoing my own thoughts about having big discussions, tackling the big problems.

My sister stands up for her convictions every day in her job and is viciously attacked for it. I may not agree with her on all issues but she is fighting for the innocent unborn and for that I am proud. Having some newspaper print words equating her with Hitler and the KKK is hurtful to me, it's got to be hard for her to read. But she is doing hard things, and I want to be doing hard things too. I want to make a positive impact on someone's life, for God's glory.


Anonymous said...

Your post was great. I too struggle with how to best use my time on this earth for God's glory. Obviously, I too am not Victoria. She has a true gift to lead.

Not all of us are meant to be public leaders. You are and can be a more quiet leader in your role as wife, mother, photographer and engineer. In the end you can make just as big an impact.

By the way, I really enjoyed your getaway girl videos!

Victoria said...

That was seriously one of the nicest things I think you've ever said/written about me. I cried. Ok, on to less sappy topics . . .

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