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Pretty much everyone that knows me knows I am NOT a crafter.  Despite taking thousands of photos, I hate the very idea of scrapbooking.  That's kind of what this blog is for, taking the place of scrapbooks.  I do like making things when I am given explicit instructions and all the materials.  Especially when it is a social affair. 

I recently joined another mom's group called All Moms of Katy, but I've been unable to attend very many of their meetings or events.  When my friend Kristi told me she was hosting their monthly crafting meeting, and that they would be using actual sewing machines, I blew it off.  I have not used a sewing machine since 4H club in middle school.  But she said they were making purses, which I can ALWAYS use more of, and all I had to do was find myself a cute placemat.  So I agreed to come, and found myself a couple of very cute fabric placemats at Target. 

The toughest part for me was actually choosing the coordinating ribbon.  I wish I had paid attention to the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets beforehand and bought coordinating ribbon at the store, but I had plenty of options from Kristi and my friend Susie's collections.  Kristi provided the handles and I got to work pinning and sewing the ribbons on.  I swear I did use the machine a bit, but Kristi took over when I was too slow.

(yes, that's Kristi helping sew MY bag)

(mine wasn't quite done in this pic)

What resulted were seven completely unique and adorable handbags.  And we had a great time socializing too.  This project actually made me wish I had a sewing machine!  Seriously if you've never visited the Little Birdie Secrets blog, you have GOT to check it out.  Really inspiring stuff. 

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