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That's what I have decided this experience, attending Mom 2.0 Summit, really is. It is surreal being surrounded by people whose blogs I have been reading for five years. Last night was the Mad Men party, and the outfits were incredible. Pictured is my friend Maggie and Jenny, The Bloggess. Two of H-town's social media divas. And I mean diva in the nicest way, of course. So I actually called Heather Armstrong a diva, to her face last night. It was a joke, and I *think* she got that. It was actually a followup to jokingly ACTING like a diva, demanding a bourbon. If you've been following her twitter stream at all, you should get the joke. Ended up spending a lot of time just relaxing with Torrie, who is such a delightfully warm person. I neglected to tell her how much I like how she changed the name and outlook of her blog from a very negative tone to a very postive one. Also made a point of chatting with Cecily Kellogg, since she's probably the only girl in the room that gets the Mainline Mom thing. She told me how she loves Jo-Lynn for how she reacts to all Cecily's swearing. I would love Jo-Lynn for that too. Well I already love her anyway, so...whatever.

This morning I sat right up front to hear Gretchen Rubin and Heloise chat about becoming writers. Stephanie took my photo with Heloise so hopefully I'll have that to post later for my mom to admire. Then I sat next to Maggie Mason listening to a panel with Alice Bradley talking about success as a writer and what that means. Kinda crazy. I blogged about the panels I heard over on the Mom 2.0 Summit blog. The panel on social impact was decidely stacked on the opposite end of the political spectrum and I didn't really enjoy it, but Loralee Choate was wonderful in what she says is her first speaking role. I find that hard to believe, actually. In the final panel of the day I really wish Susan Wagner had done less moderating and more speaking. I really would have liked to hear more from her.

I attended a round table discussion on travel blogs and got inspired. I will try to blog more about my travels from now on! Starting with Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks :)


Loralee Choate said...

I pinky swear...it was my first blogging conference panel. I was ready to hold a panel in the bathroom at BlogHer during break. :)

WILLIAM said...

Sounds Awesome. I am said that I do not get to go to Mom type things. I like Torries new look as well.

Mainline Mom said...

William, there were a couple of daddy bloggers there and they seemed to fit right in. If you can stand the overdose of estrogen, I think you would've had an awesome time. Mom 2.0 is decidely more about the business side of blogging than some other conferences, and I must say that the panels overall were great. I doubt you'd have much trouble being sponsored to go to a conference if you really tried, since you are a gifted writer with a loyal community. If Mom 2.0 was going to be in H-town next year (I hear it's not) I would say you would be welcome to stay with us.

Loralee - I believe you :) I just appreciated your sincerity and respect for your political opposites, and because of that panel and others I am starting to see a void of intelligent conservative mom-bloggers that perhaps I need to move into.

michelle from Six in the City said...

Ran across your blog while following mom2summit people. I SO want to go to that next year. Enjoyed your post on it!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Dude, you are an AMAZING photographer.

Anonymous said...

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