Weird Dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night, and I'm gonna tell you all about it.

So first I found myself at a restaurant somewhere with just Mike, talking football and then kissing him goodbye as I left for college in Colorado. I drove down the interstate in my little Maxima, and as I approached the campus I noticed big sections of the highway were all torn up and under construction, but I kept barreling on over them. I was puzzeled for a second as I saw some cars veer off a side road but I saw zero detour or road closed signs, so I kept on at high speed, up into the mountains, until suddenly I came upon a ravine and the road was out. It wasn't a very wide ravine, so I sped up and somehow my little Maxima jumped the gap in the road, across the ravine and onto a rock ledge on the other side. But that's where the road just ended. I was totally stuck, and realizing how stupid I had been.

I called someone from the college and begged them to come and help me get down. As an engineer, I had zero idea how they could retrieve the car...it would take some kind of huge crane. I was not panicing or crying, but was very nervous and cordially talking on the phone to this guy from the college about getting me down. I even offered him my tickets to the football game.

Then suddenly I was down, all on my own with no help yet, but still talking on the phone as I walked to campus. I met the guy at the student union and we had a nice chat, all the while I'm hoping he doesn't think I'm flirting with him because I'm married. I just wanted a new friend. Turns out he was Jewish AND gay. (I know, right?) But super nice and happy to be friends.

Then I head toward my dorm to check in and I'm told my supposed roomate has already chosen to move in with someone else. They start searching around for a prospective roomate and I'm like "help me out here, I'm a 33 yr old, married with two kids, undergraduate freshman going back to college far away from my family". I ask for a single but don't get one.

Then someone tells me my first class (mind you, I'm an engineering undergrad) is intro to Agriculture. I'm like "What the?" But I go down to this farm and chat with some other students. There's this guy there who apparently almost died in some weird accident but didn't and he gives all the credit to Jesus Christ. And I'm like "Right on!"

And THAT is when I wake up. Crazy, huh?


WILLIAM said...

I want to know if there is a sequel?

teri said...

did you eat crazy stuff for dinner? WOW!

Mainline Mom said...

Last night's dream was more vague and involved something I can't really talk about but am apparently nervous about happening in the upcoming weeks. Also my best friend Lex was there...probably because I talked to her on the phone yesterday.

I want somebody to tell me what that dream MEANT.

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