.sparkling eyes.

.sparkling eyes.
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In the picture, definitely not mine this morning. I have a cold and so I took a nap yesterday afternoon while Alex was napping, and then I took some drugs just before bed...resulting in my not sleeping all night. Ugh am I tired.

Gotta power through getting the kids up, fed, and to school and then I have a lot of work and a conference call this morning. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap later. Nathan has soccer practice tonight, which should be nice because fall is finally here. The weather is great.

I pulled out all my fall decorations and bought a couple new ones yesterday. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Looking forward to my mom arriving here next Wednesday. I will leave for my annual conference in Orlando next Friday. I'm sure the boys will be thrilled to see her and Jack.

Ok, time to get moving.

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Redhead Mommy said...

so, maybe a stupid question, but as someone who's lived in Michigan all my life, I have no idea: do you have actual FALL, as in changing leaves and chilly days, like up north?

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