Can't Help Falling

I love music, all kinds and genres, but lately I have become more discerning in what I put on my iPod or spend my money on. Harry Connick Jr. is one that I can listen to over and over. So I jumped at an opportunity to get a copy of his new CD, Your Songs, for review. And I was not disappointed.

Harry's new album is all covers of popular ballads, from Sinatra to Billy Joel and Elton John. All done in typical Connick swing style with that melted buttah crooning voice of his. Man I love that voice.

I will say that I prefer the OLDER standards he chose to cover to the newer ones. Love his version of The Way You Look Tonight and Some Enchanted Evening. The latter absolutely made me want to dance in my kitchen, dreaming of a ballroom with a wispy chiffon gown and my dance partner from my ballroom dance class in college. (Hubby has thusfar refused to learn to ballroom dance, although he used to come and watch me in class with my very talented partner.) Also? NFL football star Bobby Engram was the teaching assistant in that class. There is nothing in this world like being lead around a dance floor by someone as muscular as he was.

Ok enough daydreaming, back to Harry! I really like his version of Can't Help Falling In Love, probably better than Nat King Cole's version, but not as much as UB40's take on it. I actually do NOT like his cover of Just The Way You Are, but that's more because I hate the song, it is my least favorite Billy Joes song of all time. But I do love Harry singing Elton John's Your Song.

So I do highly recommend this CD. Can't wait to see Harry on Oprah this afternoon! Be sure to tune in.


WILLIAM said...

I like Harry. I will have to get this. Nice review.

Anonymous said...

Harry is one of Jack's favorites! He has gone to several concerts one of which was with me. That would be a great Christmas present for him (the CD). It is nice to see you evolving!!!!(LOL)
Love, Mom

Mainline Mom said...

Evolving?! Mom, I have Harry Connick CD's I bought in high school. Give me a break.

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