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This sweet photo is certainly not indicative of how the boys were getting along yesterday. But the bluebonnets are nice, right? :)

Alex is in a hitting phase. He doesn't always do it out of anger, it's more out of curiousity I think. He doesn't hit very hard, and it seems totally random sometimes, he'll just walk up to one of us and give a smack with a big smile. I tried redirection, telling him how we hug instead of hit. Didn't work. We are trying discipline but so far it isn't working well. But Nathan is (understandably) fed up and has started pushing back. He usually does it when I'm not looking of course, but I can tell what happened when I walk in and Alex is on his back wailing. Hopefully it'll be a short phase.

Busy weekend taking photos...one neighbor Friday, the other neighbor Sunday, with a trip up to Brenham for bluebonnet portraits on Saturday. That was a fun trip and we will surely do it again soon. Sat. evening we got take-out from Outback and took it over to my grandparents' for dinner. My grandfather seems fine, although bored and worried about my grandmother, who does not seem fine. She is so tired she wasn't even dressed in street clothes for dinner, and she didn't have anything ready when we arrived. That is SO not like her. She hasn't got the results of her capsule camera test back yet, but it looks to me like her anemia is bad and she will need more blood soon.


juliefuelling said...

Okay, so I don't feel like such a bad mother. Kids will be kids. When they are close in age, like mine and it looks like yours, it can be even more trying.

We adopted ours so I just blame any rotten behavior on bad genetics! :0)

I enjoy your photographs a great deal.

Julie Fuelling

sarah said...

Love the picture of the boys in the flowers! That's a keeper.

My girls have started slinging the words pretty harshly - my youngest with the sharpest tongue. I am amazed at her quick wit and then appalled. Oh, our children. Equally evil and good.

Have a great day!

Mainline Mom said...

Julie, mine are three years apart. The oldest is a typical firstborn...sweet, eager to please, a bit timid. The younger one is the bruiser.

Sarah there are many more in the bluebonnets, but that one was sweet. I'm not surprised any child of yours would have a quick wit :)

Redhead Mommy said...

This shot is just precious, btw. I love it!

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