Rainy Thursday

Nit picking
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Today we are getting the first rain we've had in months. All my new plants and trees really needed it, my daily watering was not enough.

I thank you for all your prayers, we are slowly improving. Nathan's pink eye is treated and gone and it seems no one else in our house caught it so far. That's a miracle. Alex is in better spirits although not completely healed up yet. And I am still congested but not in as much pain.

Tomorrow is my grandfather's heart cath, hopefully it will be smooth as silk. If he has to stay overnight I'll go down late tomorrow to take my grandmother home and I'll probably drive her back Sat morning and hang around to drive them home. I wonder how she will be spending a night alone. I don't really know how much she relies on my grandfather for help...I know she makes him take all the phone calls these days because she has so much trouble hearing and refuses to use her new hearing aids. She says they are too loud...heh.

Well anyway it should be a pretty boring weekend for a change. Hopefully Mike can get more done on the book he's writing, and maybe I can work on the photography stuff.

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