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Today is starting out to be a REALLY great day. I haven't had one of those in awhile. Last night my grandmom was released from the hospital, so hopefully I'm done driving down there every day. Still no news on the cause of her anemia yet.

Today is Pajama day at the kids' school, which somehow makes them eager to get there. That made my morning pleasant. And after four mornings of thick fog...it's GONE! I was so disheartened when the weatherman said we would have fog again today....it's just not good for taking portraits outdoors. So I was shocked to see clear blue sky this morning. This bodes well for my planned drive with the boys to bluebonnet country tomorrow morning.

Also I have a photoshoot today! I worked it out with my neighbor for her to bring her THREE boys over at lunchtime today. This may be a big challenge, three boys together, but I'm up for it. Then hopefully I can do the other neighbors kids on Sunday. That's a LOT of photography this weekend.

My very old version of Photoshop finally stopped working, so I broke down and shelled out the $300 for Lightroom...which I LOVE from the demo version I had for a month. Can't WAIT for that to arrive. I also bought a Lastolite Tri Grip one-stop diffuser...which of course can't arrive soon enough now. It will help soften the harsh sunlight for mid-day outdoor shoots...we don't have ANY shade here in my hood and there are rarely any clouds in Texas.

Also I finally got my Blackberry yesterday, which will keep me connected to my email when I'm out and about, and will also feed my Twitter and Facebook addiction. And it's pink :)

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The Bossy Yankee said...

so glad your grandma is doing better.

Sounds like you scored in the photography and phone department.

I need to upgrade my photoshop. I want to get ACR. I can not get myself comfortable with lightroom. I am sure it is just me because everyone loves it.

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