Wide Eyed

Wide Eyed
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This photo makes me almost want another one. I said almost, cuz that is not gonna happen, I am so over that stage. This baby was 7 days old when I photographed her and her mommy was clearly over the moon, and doing great after just having her second C-section. Made me a bit resentful, like it wasn't fair that the first weeks after both my kids were born was so difficult for me, emotionally and physically. But I'm very happy for her and her sweet little girl.

I read from a professional newborn photographer that day 6 was the best day for photographing, but this one refused to sleep! We tried feeding and rocking and even a hairdryer. Two hours I was there and she had her eyes on me (well, in my general direction) the whole time. Got a few snaps with her eyes closed, but none of the knocked out and floppy ones. She peed on every blanket and backdrop I had too, and she also peed right on her mom. Just glad she didn't nail me!

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jenifer said...


derek's baby girl had the same effect on me! i was holding her and thinking about haw awesome newborns are! but of course, hawk was only 3 months old at the time! LOL

we're thinking i might do some child care for Jamie Bella come March. we'll have to see. two infants? i dunno. :D

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