I had a really mentally and socially refreshing trip to Orlando last week for the WEF midyear planning meeting. Lliving in Houston I had forgotten how nice it is to hang out with friends who really know you, who have known you for a long time and know at least some of your history. I get energy from these kinds of interactions.

And for me it has nothing to do with alcohol, I have chosen to never try to keep up with those around me and I know how much and how slowly I can imbibe to stay in complete control. It's a concious decision I've made as part of my desire to live with integrity, consistant with my values and faith. Doesn't always work, but nobody is perfect and doing things consistant with my convictions creates much less stress in life.

Also having a couple days with high value potential customers on my other committee seems to have really refocused me on my work and my company's objectives. Working remotely from home has some disadvantages which seems to include a loss of focus and intensity. Well sitting on the plane home reviewing the conversations of the week a flood of ideas started coming so fast and furiously that I realized I should write them down. It was basically an acknowledgement that my memory is not what it used to be and if I don't write things down I will forget them. I never work on airplanes...NEVER. But I wrote four pages of sales strategy notes and then pulled out the laptop and proceeded to write a six page technical paper. It amazed me. Apparently my mommy-brain really needs resharpening now and then.


WILLIAM said...

HI MM. Orlando is nice this time of year...but not if you are living in Houston...then it is just...Orlando.

Mainline Mom said...

Hey Bill, it was ok but truthfully I think Houston was nicer when I returned. :) And Cuba Libre was phenomenal, I am really hoping we can work it into our budget.

Neel Mehta said...

Sometimes I think very clearly on planes. Must be the air pressure or something.

Of course, sometimes I just sleep and drool.

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