Giving me the stink eye

I'm getting complaints again about not updating my blog enough. Blame Twitter and Facebook and Flickr and Babycenter. Web 2.0 certainly has me distrated these days.

Well, this past weekend was a great one, because my friend Alexis flew down to visit me from Philadelphia. She flew in Thursday evening, and we stopped at Baker Street on the way home to grab a bite and they had a band. Friday we walked about two miles down to the Panera, had a long leisurely breakfast, then walked the two miles home. It was fun and tiring. Then we drove over to Enchanted Gardens, a really cool garden center nearby, where we explored and picked out plants for a LONG time. Lex is a horticulturist, but wasn't very familiar with our native plantlife. We made a plan, bought a ton of plants and supplies, and headed home to work.

I planted a bunch of colorful snapdragons while she did the hard work and dug out the two giant oleaders obscuring my front door. We replaced them with a handful of small red shrubs and replanted the big bushes in the backyard. We also dug out a dead crepe myrtle and replaced it with a knockout rose bush. And finally we planted a big palm tree in the backyard. It was a lot of work, but very inspiring and it looks great now! You can see the backyard stuff in my Flickr stream, and I need to take a photo of the new front yard.

We decided to head over to the Cinco Ranch Model Home Village and tour some of the new houses. Some were nice, some were not my taste at all. I got a few idea for decorating and we spent a long time chatting with an agent we met.

Sunday we went to church and then we took another LONG walk to check out the Cinco Ranch Bayou nature trail. It wasn't too exciting, but we did spot a bunch of turtles. You can see those on my Flickr stream too. I also took a bunch of nice photos of Alexis for her to use on her Facebook page and such.

Finally Monday we decided to explore the city. We drove through Rice University and over to the Museum District. We opted to tour the Holocaust Museum, which was well done. They had a great exhibit of political cartoons drawn by Dr. Suess! Then we drove over to Discovery Green where we walked around a took a bunch of photos. We finished up with lunch at the Galleria...the Daily Grill is yummy! Lex got a makeover at Origins, her new favorite store. I looked for shoes but didn't find any worth buying. Well, that I could justify anyway...Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade both had simply gorgeous heels.

Monday night I dropped Alexis off at the airport again and she headed back to the freezing cold in Philly. I do NOT miss that weather, have I mentioned that lately? Next week my mom comes to escape the cold as well. We'll head north in July when Philly is a welcome relief from the sauna of Houston.

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