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The sun went away yesterday and so did my good mood. Well it didn't help that Mike woke up sick and unable to go to church, and the boys are not letting me get enough sleep again. So we just sat around the house all day, while Alex watched WAAAAAY too many Baby Einstien videos. By the end of the day the whining was driving me nuts.

Alex is finally transitioning out of his current daycare room with the awesome teachers into the next step up room. I'm less than thrilled, but he is noticably bigger and more developed than most of his class. This coupled with my unhappiness with Nathan's class and I'm really wanting to find a better center, even though it will be farther away. The trouble in our wonderful family-friendly community is that the daycare centers and preschools can't keep up with all the new families moving in, so they are all pretty crowded. I would really love to find a Christian school with private Kindergarten that also had toddler care, but I know that's unlikely.

Listening to all this talk on the news about IVF and the octuplet mom has me bothered. Just the way people talk about embryos is awful, like they are disposable. It just turns my stomach to know that 50 million people in this country are missing, not here now because they were aborted. I am praying that President Obama will see the light and not sign the Freedom of Choice Act, and will choose instead to protect life.


Lola said...

I don't really want to get into a debate over pro-life vs pro-choice, but I'm just curious what your opinion is of IVF in the first place. Okay to do, as long as no more embryos are created than will actually be implanted? Because while I'm totally pro-choice, I agree that it seems wasteful to just dispose of them. I'd prefer seeing them go to stem cell research, if people are just going to throw them out anyway. Or, if you're not able to have children, look into adoption rather than creating some in a lab, because there's plenty of kids that already exist and need homes.

jenifer said...

it might be noted that the idea of freedom of choice is based on the concept that not everyone agrees as to when life begins. many groups believe that life doesn't begin until the first breath--and they are just as religious/spiritual as you are (it's a concept from orthodox judaism).

it's not my personal ideology (i believe life begins at conception), and so i find that the issues related to this are very emotional for me (IVF, etc), but i also am able to accept that another may be right, and that others should also have the freedom to choose based on their own theology, philosophy, understanding and conscience.

thus, i support legal protection of choice.

as for day care issues--it's such a huge one. i'm going to trial run with Jamie--derek's daughter!--this week and next to see if i can take her on for child care in mid-march. i don't know if i can manage two babies. :) we shall see.

in other news, we're building a garden and re-doing some stuff around the house (it being over 10 years old now, it needs a few repairs). i'm psyched about that! :D

hope things pick up again!

Mainline Mom said...

I'm not interested in a debate here either, and I knew by making that comment I was BOUND to get tons of vocal dissent. IVF I'm not totally sure about, I don't know enough about the procedure, and I've had friends successfully have beautiful babies through IVF. But disposing of the embryos OR using them for research is unacceptable. This is an issue I feel so strongly about, I can't even tell you. Life is precious. To condone abortion because someone else doesn't believe life doesn't begin at conception would be the same as saying murder is ok because some folks don't believe it's wrong. I understand why some choose it, but I will continue to fight against that genocide with prayer and in other ways.

Good luck with the child care Jenifer, sounds like more than I could handle :) I like the idea of a garden, but not the work that goes into it.

teri said...

My mom told me that when they build a new development in Arizona, they also have to build a new elementary school to go with it. Crazy!

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