Pumpkin time

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I know I haven't updated this blog in awhile and I'm getting serious heat about it. I was extremely busy leading up to our annual convention in Chicago, and of course I was gone for almost a week. In that time I did take the kids to a local attraction called Dewberry Farms, in the middle of nowhere but not far away. We went with the Moxie Moms and Nathan's favorite part was just the Lil' Farmerville playground. We fed a bunch of animals and posed for photos with the pumpkins. That didn't go especially well, neither child had much patience. We took a hayride out to a kind of pathetic pumpkin patch where Nathan got a little tiny pumpkin.

Finally got my wardrobe for Chicago squared away, but I made two mistakes. I overpacked, and I didn't bring the best shoes. I am now on a mission to find the ultimate in stylish comfort for my next convention. I wore sky high heels to the airport and received a random compliment but in no time flat I had major blisters and was practically limping. Bad way to start a long week on your feet. On Monday night I finally broke out the flip-flops with my evening attire because I just couldn't take the heels and loafers any longer.

My presentation went reeeeeally well. I had a great time meeting and greeting with folks. Got lots of meaningful sales opportunities. I took it easy the first three nights and they stayed out late the last two. the Young Professionals party I hosted was the best we've ever had, with a turnout exceeding 350. Everyone had a blast and a few select photos are up on my Flickr.

The whole week was certainly the vocational recharge I needed. I am hoping we can make arrangements that I can attend a few other shorter meetings this winter/spring, one in Orlando, one in Vegas, and a semi-local one in Galveston. I guess it'll depend on Mike's schedule.

I came home to a visit from my mom and a very sick Alex. Took him in for a flu shot and instead the doctor put him on steroids and round the clock breathing treatments. So we'll see how today goes, there are two local pumpkin fests, a football event at church for Mike, and of course Penn State's biggest game of the year. Go STATE!
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