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Well getting here and getting settled was easy, but now all heck is breaking loose! Last night we were watching the 10pm news (cuz everything is on an hour earlier here...weird) and they started freaking out about this Tropical Depression Eduoard that had quickly formed off the coast of Texas and was rapidly gaining strength. So now they are predicting it will be a Cat 1 hurricane when it makes landfall near Galveston tomorrow, and the path is headed right over us. So Mike says "Dude, we're screwed" as the news guy shows all the people buying up all the water at the local grocery stores. So I planned to hit the Target in the morning and hope they got more water in.

Of course today being Mike's first day of work and Nathan's first day of school, Alex decided to get really sick. He barfed all over me. So I waited till after his long morning nap to drag the poor kid to Target, which was jammed with people running around with cases of water. I headed right for the water aisle where people were taking cases right off palettes before they could even restock the shelves. I got some munchies and I was in the flashlight aisle when Alex barfed again. I had remembered to bring napkins so I cleaned him up, and ran out of the aisle mentioning the mess to a Target team member on my way out.

Mike emailed me his company memo telling everybody to go home early and get ready and don't come to work tomorrow. Yipee! Also we just found out that while we are living in the apartment we are still given a daily food allowance...which ROCKS. No mortgage, no rent, no utilities, no food, no expenses at ALL for a month. Well, except for daycare, but that's ok. I think I found a nanny to watch Alex until his spot at the daycare opens up.

So really everything is just fine and dandy here!


Sharkey said...

"So really everything is just fine and dandy here!"

Well . . . except for the barfing. :)

Hope Alex is feeling better soon, and that the rest of you don't get what he has. Stay dry!

kalki said...

Stay safe!

Lori said...

Well, I'm sure this storm has ensured that you will always remember your arrival at your new home!!!

jenifer said...

you'll soon discover that folks there go nuts over storms the way people here go nuts over snowstorms that rarely amount to anything anyway.

seriously, it's amazing the hysterics that people get into about these storms.

i'm sorry alex is feeling yucky, but otherwise i'm glad things are going well!

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