Have some icing!

Have some icing!
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In retrospect, maybe all the birthday cake made Alex sick. Nah, it was a 24 hour bug. He barfed again last night in his portacrib, which by the way, has a none machine washable mattress. It was nasty, but I'll spare you the details. He's much better now, although his appetite is still not back to normal.

So today we "hunkered down" in the apartment to ride out the big storm, which turned out to be absolutely NOTHING. Several hours of moderate rain, no wind at all. I got major cabin fever so we went out for dinner to a cool place called the Fish City Grill. I had herb crusted salmon with a thai chili sauce...yummy.

So back to work tomorrow. Mike is right now trying to interpret the extremely confusing bus schedule.

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Redhead Mommy said...

I've been known to use a Mini Green carpet cleaner on our Eddie Bauer play yard. Worked like a charm.

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