Happy Tax-Free Weekend!

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Yes, this is tax-free shopping weekend in Texas. Unfortunately it is only on clothing less than $100, otherwise we'd be buying all our new furniture and TVs and stuff for the house. But instead I already hit up a local kids consignment store, and I'll be headed to the mall with the rest of the crowds this weekend. After my very important salon appointment though, I haven't had my hair cut in 8 months and it needs it!

Last night the event at the winery was a lot of fun and we met some very cool people. Also Mike's toll tag finally arrived so I'm hoping his commute home will drop from 1.5 hours down to about 45 minutes. It's only 22 miles after all!

Wed is the big day we get the keys to the new house, and Thursday our stuff should show up in the big van. I'm sure it will take awhile to get unpacked and organized, but I can't wait.

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