The Whirlwind

So...we sold the house. Yep, never had to show it to anyone after that one time a few weeks ago. Only problem is we gotta be out by the end of July and we have no house at the other end yet. We'll be flying down to Houston on the 13th to look at all the beautiful houses and try to make the tough choice. Should we choose the 4500 sq ft house with the tiny yard or the 3000 sq ft house with the huge yard and pool? Both are well within our budget and both are spectacularly beautiful, inside and out. And there are about 15 other houses on my "short" list that are all fantastic. Yikes! I keep trying to FIND things wrong with houses just to narrow the pool, and Mike keeps going "this house is awesome, why shouldn't we see this too?" *sigh*

Once we get back from Houston we will have the movers coming a few days later to pack us up, and then we'll do our long drive south with the whole little band of gypsies. Where we'll probably have to live in a rental place for a few weeks till the house we buy is ready. Yay, August in Houston!! ugh.


Sharkey said...

Wow--that IS a whirlwind! So when are you having the blogger BBQ again? :)

Mainline Mom said...

I seriously did want to have one! The only possibility I see is this weekend and I'm sure everyone has plans over the holiday. Boo.

running42k said...

Congrats. I would take the 3,000 sq ft house with the yard. It is more then enough house for 4 people and with year long outside weather in Houston, the yard will come in handy

Teri said...

God, what craziness. Good luck with everything.

I would choose the big yard and pool, any day!

jenifer said...

congratulations on the sale of your house!

i hope you find the home of your dreams in houston (personally, i'd go for the pool!)

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I am all for the pool, but thats just because an inground pool has been on my wishlist since...well forever!! Besides who wants to clean a 4ooosome squarefoot house! Not I?

Bill said...

For some reason I was just reminded of a friend I had in the Air Force. We were stationed together in Rantoul, Illinois, Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Fort Worth, Texas. I was single then and living on base but he was married and starting a family so he was renting off-base.
He found this really good deal on a house on the outskirts of town, although not too far from the base. It was a ranch-style home with a 2-car garage and a roomy yard. Mind you this was the late late 60s so standards were somewhat lower, but the place came with a color TV and a riding lawn mower for the fenced-in back yard. The rent was dirt cheap too so he was convinced he had a good deal.
I remember him showing me the holes in the back yard where all the tarantulas lived. He'd see them once in awhile, but they weren't a problem.
So I shipped over to England before he had been there even a year, but he wrote me a letter one time telling me of the time when all the tarantulas in the back yard and in every other back yard in the neighborhood for some reason decided it was time to head out to the open range across the road and were crawling all over his wonderful big house to get there, inside and out!... over the roof, through the windows and doors... over the baby's crib!!
Beware. This is Texas you're talking about!

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