Vacation is Exhausting

Post-beach Baby
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Where to begin...we've hit the pool a bunch of times, the beach a bunch of times, the boardwalk, gone fishing. The only thing we haven't really done yet is gone shopping, my favorite pasttime. The kids have been awesome, loving every minute of it. Last night we drove down to Ocean City to play on the boardwalk. We took Nathan up on the GIANT ferris wheel, and he didn't even flinch. I was more nervous than he was.

Ok postus interruptus. Found out the relo guy FINALLY called today, and went to open mic night at the ONLY bar in Bethany Beach. I'll post more tomorrow.

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Mel said...

I warned you that Bethany was not the place for a night out!! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. We were debating heading to the beach today, but are enjoying hanging out at home.

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