Thank Goodness for Summer

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I love this weather, high of 80 degrees today, light breeze and plenty of sunshine. If I didn't have a nasty cold (again) I would probably go for a walk with Alex at lunch. I might still go exchange my new Coach bag, yet again, because even though the idea of a pink bag was great, it obviously was not *me* enough because I haven't used it in the almost two months since I bought it.

I've been doing MORE gardening again this weekend, because I had so much fun watching my red impatient bloom and spread I decided I needed to mix some white ones in too. Nathan loves helping me water them every day which is so fun. This is a completely new thing for me, but I must say that it looks great. We met the people building a new house directly across from us and the only thing the wife said was how pretty the front of our house was.

The yard sale was pretty much a bust, but I made a few bucks, unloaded some junk, and the donation people are coming to pick up the rest on Friday.

We met with another realtor on Saturday but I don't think we'll be using her, Mike was unimpressed. Seriously though? I am so impatient. I'm ready to sell NOW and find a new place NOW. I can't believe I haven't even given a passing thought to our big beach vacation which is only two weeks away! I don't even have a bathing suit, but that's a whole 'nother story.

This week I have to buckle down and work on the job I get paid to do. There are plenty of wastewater treatment plants out there just waiting to be upgraded with my designs.


Meegs said...


Any chance of getting pictures of your gardening?

Mainline Mom said...

Yes! Photos of the garden, the new curtains, and the rest of the house will be forthcoming!

Mel said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures. I love looking at pictures of houses and decorating. Where are you going for your beach vacation?? It was really hot today here in Delaware at the beach. I'm thinking tomorrow we may hit the beach for our first trip of the season! Will you be attending the Philly Blogger Meetup or will you be away?

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