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Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the Elmwood Park Zoo. It's a smaller zoo about 15 minutes from my house, perfect for shorter trips, picnic lunches and little kids. Of course Nathan said his favorite part was the playground, but I think petting the goats was a close second. I personally like visiting the Bayou exhibit, with snakes and bats and gators...especially since we are moving to the land of the Bayou and will have to deal with these animals in our very own neighborhood. On the website of one of the neighborhoods I looked at yesterday I was surprised to see a big "Look Out for Gators" page, with some pretty obvious do's and don'ts.

So we seem to be headed for a sale on our house that will put us moving out the last week of July. That seems so SOON! I know I've been anxious to get things moving, and impatiently waiting, but I really wanted more breathing room between selling the house and actually leaving. Time to throw some parties and say goodbye to friends. But now this next few weeks will likely zip by at whirlwind speed, and we'll probably end up in temporary housing down there...blech. But God is blessing us tremendously right now so I promise I won't complain. Much.

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Jenn said...

My kids love the elmwood zoo. We went to a birthday party there last month. My sons favorite part of the trip was jumping in some little creek thing near the play ground. gee I was so proud. Hubby was on duty with him but what are you gonna do he liked it so I just smiled and kept going. Happy move it can be a crazy stressful time so if you need a laugh stop by my site for a visit!

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